Superior Strength, Softness and Colour

The first 100% British-made cotton suiting and coating collection in 50 years, Cottonopolis marks a new chapter in the North of England’s rich clothmaking history. A haven for cotton manufacturing in the 19th century, Manchester was widely known as ‘Cottonopolis’ and our pioneering range is named in honour of the city’s long-standing legacy.

Renowned for its superior strength, softness and colour retention, the extra-long staple Supima yarn lends a characteristic lustre to the finished cloth, whilst the individual dying technique creates a subtle ‘changeant’ effect between the warp and weft.

Made in Huddersfield & Manchester
Bunch 165
100% Cotton
9.8oz – 280grams
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A City of Colour

A tightly woven gabardine construction and water-resistant finish make this cloth perfect for all types of tailoring including trench coats. Available in a range of vibrant and pastel colour variations, Cottonopolis delivers the perfect balance of quintessentially British eccentricity, versatility and enduring elegance.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers | Raincoat
1 Black | 5 Blues | 2 Greys | 1 Brown | 2 Whites | 5 Greens | 2 Oranges | 1 Pink | 3 Purples | 2 Reds | 1 Yellow
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Drape and Comfort

Incorporating both sharp tailoring and cool wear, this cloth is ideal for trousers and jackets.

Made in Europe
Bunch 158
100% Cotton
10/11oz — 285/310grams
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