Drape and Comfort

This cloth is available in two weaves that are ideal for trousers and jackets. Both the traditional gabardine and new sateen provide excellent drape and comfort.

Made in Europe
Bunch 158
100% Cotton
10/11oz – 285/310grams
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Be Inspired
A Colour For Every Occasion

The Equinox collection hosts a range of traditional pastels and fawns, as well as contemporary brights.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers
1 Black | 5 Blues | 5 Browns | 3 Whites | 5 Greens | 1 Grey | 1 Orange | 2 Pinks | 3 Reds | 1 Yellow
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Superior Strength, Softness and Colour

The first 100% British-made cotton suiting and coating collection in 50 years, Cottonopolis marks a new chapter in the North of England’s rich clothmaking history.

Made in Huddersfield and Manchester
Bunch 165
100% Cotton
9.8oz — 280grams
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