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Needle Ready draws together all the time honoured cloth making traditions of Huddersfield, to create a thoroughly modern, sophisticated and luxury collection.

Our ultimate aim with “Needle Ready” is to produce cloth which is perfectly ready for the world’s finest tailors.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 167
Super 120s Wool with Cashmere blend
11/9.5 oz - 310/260 gms
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Sunburst & Classics

Needle Ready is incredibly versatile, with a palette and structure suitable for both everyday formal wear and more colourful, relaxed occasion wear.

The collection is formed of full blooded classic suitings, as well as a collection of Sunburst cloths which are dual-faced, allowing tailoring on both sides.

Suiting & Separates
Classic & dual-faced Sunburst selections
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Our Process
Bespoke Cloth

The production of Needle Ready has a distinct Huddersfield signature.
Specialised pressing immediately after scouring and tentering helps start the process of ‘drawing in’ the warp and weft yarns, which is essential in helping to eliminate issues with shrinkage in the final garment. All finished pieces are now housed in the ‘Cold Press’ room for several weeks, adding a final natural conditioning and added stability.

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Needle Ready Brochure

Download The Needle Ready brochure to read more about this Modern Heritage Collection.

A linen for the everyday

As one of the earliest woven fabrics, linen’s inimitable qualities of comfort and durability have seen it stand the test of time.

Made in Ireland
Bunch 162
100% Linen
11.9 oz - 340 gms
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