Yorkshire's Rose

The British wool is locally spun in Huddersfield, is then woven and finished to create this distinctly Yorkshire tweed.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 146
100% Wool
Various Weights
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A Collection True To Our Roots

The influence of the surrounding Pennines is apparent in the melange of green, brown and soft warm hues that are woven into this robust yet attractive cloth.
The signature Tattersall checks are continually chosen by tailors for creating the most traditional country vestings of any range on the market.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers | Outerwear
2 Blues | 6 Browns | 6 Whites |20 Greens | 4 Greys | 1 Purple | 2 Yellow
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Town and Covert Coatings

A very comprehensive collection of town and covert coatings. These styles in various traditional coating weights.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 138
100% Wool
Various Weights & Constructions
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