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Elevating The Classics

We have been deliberate and painstaking in our process, drawing from 124 years of experience, to bring you The Merchant Fleece. This collection is a timeless narrative of style and elegance, a showcase of natural fibre, which has been carefully nurtured.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 166
100% Wool
10oz – 280grams
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Your Blues, Blacks and Greys

This concise capsule collection is a hand selected range, consisting of 16 timeless patterns, which have been curated to present a simple yet essential bunch.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers
Birdseye | Herringbone | Prince of Wales | Nail Head | Plain | Pick & Pick
1 Black | 7 Blues | 8 Greys
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How it’s made
We take our time…

Time is the most important component of any Dugdale cloth. We have been deliberate and painstaking in our process, to bring you The Merchant Fleece.

To begin, the wool is scoured and dried at a cooler temperature, to allow the wool to retain many of its natural features. Weaving is also slowed, operating to 242 picks per minute, rather than the norm of 586, which eradicates many of the faults created when weaving at higher pick rates. The cloth is then carefully finished with a double scour to remove any impurities from the weave, followed by a cold press to allow the natural fibres time to recover. This ensures a permanent natural lustre, rather than a mechanised “shine” or press.

Cold press
Tighter twist
242 picks per minute
Double scoured
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Download The Merchant Fleece brochure to read more about this Modern Heritage Collection.

The New Generation High Twist

Combining luxurious Merino yarn with superior spinning techniques to create an elegant, high performance cloth.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 164
100% Wool
10.5oz — 300grams
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