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A New Generation of English Gabardine

This range of new generation English gabardine is available both in a vibrant, modern palette as well as the more traditional pastels and fawns associated with the cloth.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 169
100% Wool
9oz – 255grams
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An Illustrious palette

A spectrum of colour, this collection offers a suit for every occasion. Tastefully finished with a matt effect, this cool wool cloth has extraordinary crease recovery, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers | Summer Suiting
1 Black | 6 Blues | 1 Brown | 2 Creams & Whites I 4 Naturals | 1 Green | 5 Greys | 2 Metallics | 1 Pink | 2 Purples | 2 Reds
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Elevating The Classics

We have been deliberate and painstaking in our process, drawing from 123 years of experience, to bring you The Merchant Fleece.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 156
100% Wool
9oz — 255grams
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