Elegance and wearability

Burlington is our new super 150s silk touch wool collection in 9.5oz/275gms 100% wool. Named after the famous Burlington Gardens and Arcade in Mayfair, this relaxed and extremely wearable cloth is synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 174
100% Wool
9.8oz - 280grams
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Harnessing natural properties

The 15.7 micron wool used for this collection is extremely fine, soft and silky with a natural relaxed elasticity. Through meticulous and skilled processes, we have been able to harness and retain these natural raw properties to create a luxurious 275g cloth that has a regulating ‘silk touch’ handle and a relaxed drapey character.

Herringbone I Pick & Pick Sharkskin I Twill I Prince of Wales I Striped I Birdseye I Plain I Check I Houndstooth
24 Blues I 24 Greys I 10 Blacks I 3 Whites
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Needle Ready draws together all the time honoured cloth making traditions of Huddersfield, to create a thoroughly modern, sophisticated and luxury collection.

Our ultimate aim with “Needle Ready” is to produce cloth which is perfectly ready for the world’s finest tailors.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 167
Super 120s Wool with Cashmere blend
11/9.5 oz - 310/260 gms
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