Ethical & Environmental Policy

Dugdale Bros & Co is committed to ensuring that all our wool-based cloths are processed in the UK by benchmark companies, who work in compliance with the British Standard regulations that govern environmental impact and working conditions.

Additionally, we pledge that these woollen fabrics are manufactured using only yarns that have been processed by spinners who source their wool ethically, from sheep reared humanely on commercial farms that meet the highest standards of animal welfare legislation.

Along with the spinners we work with, we are aware of the highly unethical practice of ‘mulesing’ in Australia, a prevalent wool-producing region. Our spinners therefore specifically source from suppliers who do not partake in this practice, and we continue to support the Australian wool industry in their mission to find alternative remedies which allow their farms to be classified as ‘organic’.

In line with these ethical and environmental commitments, we regularly issue full production audits for individual article numbers, listing all chemicals used throughout the wool-to-cloth process, and ensuring these fully adhere to REACH regulations.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.