An endeavouring spirit

Fearnought is a handsome range of stout cloths inspired by the endeavouring spirit of the early 20th Century. First introduced in the early 1900’s as Dugdale’s first cloth made entirely from Australian merino wool, Fearnought epitomised Huddersfield’s place at the centre of a new globally industrialising world.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 172
100% Wool
18oz - 500grams
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Tradition meets innovation

Today, these luxurious yet hardy suiting cloths have a unique heritage finish that is achieved through a sequence of proprietary techniques unique to Dugdale Bros & Co. One of these is the way we rest the cloth in the basement of our Huddersfield towers, where the cold damp air imbues the natural fibres with revitalising moisture, giving it a unique handle that is distinctly Dugdale.

Herringbone I Hopsack I Pick & Pick Sharkskin I Twill
7 Blues I 6 Greys
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This bunch is the winter-weight version of our Royal Classics range and has been in continual production since its launch in 1953.

Woven from superfine Australian merino wool, a choice of crushed, semi-milled or full-milled finishing provides further distinction to the warmth and fullness of this premium-grade cloth.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 134
100% Wool
13-14oz – 370-400grams
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