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Using a blend of fleece from Jacobs and Black Welsh Mountain breeds, we have produced an undyed, pure new wool cloth which is 100% British, naturally scoured, spun, woven and finished in Huddersfield.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 168
100% Pure New Wool
18 oz - 510 gms
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Natural Shades and Classic Patterns

The selection of natural shades have been blended to create a collection of 21 classic patterns without any dyeing process. The colourings of the wool leaves slight shade variations from one batch to another, giving a true uniqueness to each garment. Naturally hard wearing and insulating, Ecology offers the perfect foundation for long lasting attire.

Jacketing | Coating
Check | Dogtooth | Herringbone | Nail Head | Overcheck | Prince of Wales
4 Browns | 14 Greys | 2 Naturals
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The Ecology Collection
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Lovingly preserved, made to last...
Naturally sustainable

This collection has been curated with sustainability at it’s heart. We do not use any artificial dyes, or harmful scouring agents. Without dye, each yarn is bleneded from the natual colours of the wool itself, meaning that colours and shades vary slightly from batch to batch, making each piece unique. Furthermore, this collection uses 100% British wool, which is spun using methods which are centuries old, and then woven and finished all within a ten mile radius of Huddersfield to minimise it’s carbon footprint.

No artifical dyes or harmful agents
100% British Wool
Traditional Spinning Methods
Natural Colours and Shades
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Ecology Brochure

Download The Ecology brochure to read more about this Modern Heritage Collection.

Winter Warmer

This sumptuous collection provides warmth, comfort and softness.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 157
100% Lambswool
20 oz - 580 gms
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