A true heritage collection

One of the most complete merchant collections of antique cloth, “Invincible” is a modern reimagining of one of Dugdale’s first ever collections: “White Rose Sporting and Riding Attire”. 

Being of a naturally dense construction with warp faced symmetrical designs and clear cut heavy press finishes, these elegant yet robust “action” cloths crossed over readily as protective clothing for the new era of open cab motoring, motorcycling and open cockpit flying. 

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 173
100% Wool
14 - 35oz I 400 - 1,000 grams
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Made for twenty-first century tailoring

Renamed “Invincible”, today’s collection brings that sense of indomitability to a new generation. Carefully crafted in Huddersfield from 100% wool, the collection has been recreated with elegance and versatility in mind, making it the perfect cloth for sophisticated and timeless bespoke tailoring in the twenty-first century.

Plain I Houndstooth I Overcheck
9 Blacks I 13 Blues I 14 Browns I 6 White & Creams I 8 Greens I 5 Greys I 3 Reds
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Fearnought is a handsome range of stout cloths inspired by the endeavouring spirit of the early 20th Century.

First introduced in the early 1900’s as Dugdale’s first cloth made entirely from Australian merino wool, Fearnought epitomised Huddersfield’s place at the centre of a new globally industrialising world.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 172
100% Wool
18oz - 500grams
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