Elegant Summer Jacketing

This collection beautifully combines the finest Italian silk with premium Irish linens, and is renowned amongst industry aficionados for its quality and provenance.

Made in Ireland
Bunch 154
Silk & Linen
9oz – 255grams
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Epitomising The Cool Riviera Style

This cloth is cool to wear and naturally rich to the touch, with a variety of colour and design options available.

Jacketing | Summer Suiting
Check | Herringbone | Plain
3 Browns | 17 Blues | 1 White | 3 Greens | 2 Oranges | 3 Pinks | 3 Purples | 1 Red | 3 Yellows
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Father of the Irish linen

Named after Louis Crommelin, the father of the Irish linen industry, this collection is a celebration of his pioneering spirit.

Made in Ireland
Bunch 163
100% Linen
11.6oz — 330grams
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