Sartorial Spotlight: Luxury Lambswool

Having resided in the heart of Yorkshire’s worsted industry since 1896, Dugdale Bros & Co are well-versed in the art of clothmaking and tailoring – with our extensive range of high-quality cloths favoured by tailors, couturiers, luxury fashion houses, retailers and garment makers across the globe.

Over the years, our ‘Made in Huddersfield, England’ selvedge has become a distinctive hallmark for excellence and durability – so, to pay homage to all the premium cloths we house here at Dugdale HQ, we’ve decided to launch the ‘Sartorial Spotlight’ blog series.

These posts are dedicated to highlighting the inimitable qualities of each cloth, as well as extracting its distinctive characteristics and ideal sartorial application. First to take centre stage is our sumptuous Luxury Lambswool collection – a cloth that is sourced, woven and spun here in Huddersfield.

Luxury Lambswool

Woven from naturally insulating 100% lambswool yarns, this collection features 20 cloths and is designed purely as an overcoating bunch – meaning it inherently lends itself to the crafting of bespoke or made-to-measure autumn and winter coating garments.

The traditional weave of this particular cloth – weighing in at 580 grams – provides an unprecedented level of warmth, comfort and softness, and this is what gives a Luxury Lambswool garment its deluxe and indulgent feel.

Additionally, the rich depth and weight of the material works effortlessly to create elegant coating apparel that is highly protective against the elements – without feeling too heavy or cumbersome.

Therefore, perhaps one of the most notable features of this cloth is its versatility. It can be worn as part of a formal suiting ensemble, or it can be effortlessly paired with a jumper or shirt – if a more relaxed look is desired. As a result, a coat made from this fabric can take many guises – for instance, it could be a smart and modern city overcoat, or alternatively it may be a casual weekend coat that deviates away from the usual black or grey option.

In essence, Luxury Lambswool offers a modern twist on our heritage Coatings collection, giving today’s discerning gentleman – or woman – another luxurious coating choice, to our venerable original.

Another definitive highlight of this collection is undoubtedly the spectrum of colourways and finishes available – with the intricate herringbone, glen check and houndstooth patterns seamlessly illustrating the vibrancy of the cloth, which of course can be offset even further by a complementary lining.

Feedback from tailors has been that the durable and rigid nature of our Luxury Lambswool cloth makes it wonderful to cut. And in the pictures above, one of our Asian distributors, Shanghai Kang Chuang Textile Co Ltd, expertly illustrates the perennial design and timelessness of this cloth, with three beautiful overcoats – exhibited at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2018.

Explore the patterns and colourways available online, or contact our sales team on 01484 421772 to order bunches.