From Huddersfield To Hong Kong: Accessory Promotion

Here at Dugdale Bros, we work with a plethora of valuable suppliers and customers from across the globe. But it’s not just the end-to-end process of shearing sheep and cutting cloth that’s central to our brand’s heritage, maintaining strong and successful relationships with our sartorial network is also of utmost importance.

Tailoring in Hong Kong

We recently collaborated with Brown’s Tailor – one of our Hong-Kong-based customers – to promote our Tropicalair cloth, and the results were rather positive, to say the least…

We’ve been working with Brown’s for a number of years and the company is one of our key partners in Asia. The business was established in 2013 and is a prime example of a contemporary brand injecting a modern twist into classic menswear items, offering both bespoke and made-to-measure garments.

Many of the tailoring shops in this Asian city opened their doors in the 1980-90s – with many still perpetuating the traditional suiting looks from these eras. Whereas, while Brown’s Tailor also harnesses such iconic fashion combinations, it prides itself on the fresh interpretation it brings to the menswear industry.

We love working closely with our international partners and thinking of new and innovative ways we can amplify not only the Dugdale brand, but also that of our customers, is always high on our agenda. And this is how the umbrella promotion was conceived.

While the garments themselves are at the heart of a sophisticated suiting ensemble, it’s also the choice of accessories that are equally important in off-setting and complementing the overall look.

“The idea of purchasing a bespoke suit mas made a major come-back over the past few years in Hong Kong. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice among the younger generations – conveying the sheer timelessness of sartorial craftmanship.” – Felix Chan, Owner of Brown’s Tailor.

The decision to make a high-quality umbrella – branded with both parties’ logos – to accompany Brown’s Tailor’s suits, was a very logical and natural one, as when the elements do strike, it’s important that the discerning gentleman, or woman, is able to protect themselves and their clothing.

A breath of fresh Tropicalair

Felix chose our popular Tropicalair fabric to create both two and three-piece suits – in a variety of colours – and this formed the basis of the promotion. Upon the purchase of one of the Tropicalair suits, customers received a complementary branded umbrella as a souvenir. Receiving a gift with a mid-high perceived value is a much more efficient way of preserving brand image and building customer loyalty, than discounting, for example.

The rationale behind opting for this particular collection was due to the hot and humid climate in Hong Kong. Given that Tropicalair is a lightweight and high-performance summer fabric, it lends itself well to the more tropical-like climes. This is also aided by the cloth’s breathable open-weave finish and inherent crease resistance.

We’re pleased to report that the promotion has been very successful, seeing over 40 suits in just two weeks – an exciting outcome that alludes to many more great collaborations in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about this durable summer cloth, take a look at our collection online, or contact our sales team on 01484 421772 to order bunches.