Walpole’s Sustainable Stories The Ecology Collection
Walpole, the collective voice of British Luxury, are supporting the fashion industry throughout the uncertain times of Coronavirus, launching their initiative #BuyOnlineLuxury. This morning they featured our new Modern Hertiage Collection, Ecology, as their Sustainable Story.  

Walpole is the official sector body for UK luxury. Founded in 1992 as a not-for-profit organisation, it counts more than 250 British brands in its membership. As the voice of British luxury, Walpole’s purpose is to promote, protect and develop a sector worth £48 billion to the UK economy and the jewel in the crown of UK business.

We are honoured to be the only cloth merchant represented in the Walpole membership, which includes historic and revered brands such as Bentley, Royal Doulton, Harrods, and many more.

“With the world more focused on preserving itself than ever, it’s only natural that – in the fullness of time – each and every one of us will increasingly demand that the brands we buy from have an identity and a meaning beyond their products. And in a society which is, and will, become ever more environmentally conscious, producers have a social responsibility to limit their carbon footprint and encourage sustainability. To find out more, we spoke with Dugdale – purveyors of the highest-quality cloth to many British luxury brands…

This is the inspiration behind Dugdale Bro & Co’s Ecology collection, naturally eco-friendly cloth for your sartorial needs.

Naturally hard wearing and insulating

Using a blend of fleece from Jacobs and Black Welsh Mountain breeds, Dugdale have produced an undyed, pure new wool cloth which is 100% British, naturally scoured, spun, woven and finished in Huddersfield.

The selection of natural shades have been blended to create a collection of 21 classic patterns without any dyeing process. The colouring of the wool leaves slight shade variations from one batch to another, giving a true uniqueness to each garment.

Naturally hard wearing and insulating, Ecology offers the perfect foundation for long-lasting attire.”