The Story of the Suit

We are thrilled to present ‘The Story of the Suit’, a BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production for Walpole as part of “Love Letters from Britain”.

Featuring Dugdale Chairman Robert Charnock alongside Savile Row tailor Kathryn Sargent, “The Story of the Suit” explores the magic of British cloth making and tailoring, from the weaving of cloth through to the cutting – and indeed wearing – of the final garments.

‘We are greatly excited to bring you the story of British bespoke tailoring, showcasing two custodians of the trade as they keep the magic of the British suit alive. It was a pleasure to walk with Kathryn Sargent and Dugdale Bros down the historic Savile Row, where they are ushering the custom craft of tailoring into the 21st century.’ – Simon Shelley, Global Director of Programme Partnerships, BBC StoryWorks.