It’s time to discover what’s Next In Fashion

As week 2 of isolation dawns, we’re looking back on the past year and some of our favourite moments.  

A definite highlight was featuring in Netflix series Next In Fashion, hosted by fashion duo Alexa Chung and Tan France.

Over 10 episodes, emerging designers from over the world fight it out for the title of the next big thing in fashion. Contestants compete to make catwalk ready looks from a bountiful selection of cloth, including many of our collections.
Each episode has a theme. From Streetwear, to Rock, to The Suit (our clear winner), the series offers a whole variety of styles and inspirations for aspiring designers and creatives.
With our 8 hours of solid entertainment, this show is a great choice for week 2 of isolation.

And don’t just take our word for it. GQ described Next In Fashion as having a “finger on the pulse of the industry”.

It's got its finger on the pulse of the industry