Introducing our latest fine linens

At Dugdale Bros we’ve always prided ourselves in bringing you cloth made by exceptional craftspeople using the highest quality raw materials. Our new linen collections are no exception.

Our latest fine linen collections – Heirloom and Lagan Valley – are made by the historic linen makers of Northern Ireland, a region as famous for producing high quality, sustainable linen as Huddersfield is for producing woolen cloth.

Lagan Valley, named after the river that gave life to the Irish linen industry over three centuries ago, is a 340g dry washed linen with a soft antique finish, providing a beautiful natural patina from the very first wear.

Heirloom, on the other hand, is a range of 325-380g tropical and twill weaves which has a unique cultured finish, making it perfect for tailoring garments that are as elegant as they are long lasting.

Offering something for sartorial traditionalists and disruptors alike, garments made from both these collections are certain to adorn the world’s most stylish individuals for decades to come. 

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