The home of luxury tailoring: Dugdale Bros arrives on Savile Row

We are thrilled to announce that we are now the only independently owned English cloth merchant to have an address on Savile Row, the historic home of luxury tailoring.

Until recently, Dugdale Bros’ London offices had been tucked away on a small but charming Mayfair street just around the corner from the stores, boutiques and tailoring houses of Regent St, Bond St and, of course, Savile Row. A welcoming retreat where customers could pour over the finer details of our latest cloths and finishes, our base on Mill Street has always served us well with its unique charm and character. 

That being said, we are thrilled to announce that we are now one of the only cloth merchants to have an address on Savile Row, the historic home of luxury British tailoring. Located right in the centre of the street at number 32, our Savile Row showroom offers the same charm and privacy of our previous address but with added space and style. 

CEO Simon Glendenning (left) and chairman Rob Charnock (right) in the new Dugdale showroom at 32 Savile Row. Simon wears a bespoke two piece suit in 18oz barathea backed twill (SB20893) made by Indposhiv in Kiev. Rob wears a bespoke three piece in a high twist from the Tropicalair collection (4703) made by Cad & The Dandy in London
Entrance to The Service at number 32 Savile Row

Entering via The Service, a new lifestyle destination and coffee bar, customers can soak in the atmosphere of the street as they make their way past deep green panelling, ambient lighting and mid-century furniture before descending the stairs to the spacious Dugdale showroom.

Boasting a range of bolts and bunches from our collections, including Ecology, Merchant Fleece, Needle Ready and White Rose Caldonaire, our showroom also stocks a curated selection of vintage cloths and one-off bolts from our archives. Displayed proudly on a vintage cutting table brought all the way from Dugdale HQ in Huddersfield, these are available in limited quantities and represent some of Dugdale’s finest heritage cloths.

We are also proud to be sharing the space with bespoke embroiderers Hawthorne & Heaney, who specialize in excellent, innovative design and rigorous production expertise.

Archive cloth and ephemera on display at the Dugdale showroom
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