Dugdale Handwoven Tweed: 125 years of pride, passion and integrity

This month Dugdale Bros & Co. celebrates 125 years of being at the forefront of the English cloth trade, supplying premium cloth to some of the world’s most renowned tailors, designers and clothiers. 

 To mark this incredible milestone, we have collaborated with Savile Row tailoring house Anderson & Sheppard to produce the first ever garment to be made out of their special edition anniversary tweed, ‘Dugdale Handwoven’.



Spun from heavy skeins of British wool and woven by hand on 19th century looms at the Colne Valley Museum in Huddersfield, ‘Dugdale Handwoven’ is a hardy yet luxurious cloth in striking black and gold houndstooth.

‘We’ve purchased cloth from Dugdale for more than 100 years and over that time our two companies have built a strong and successful relationship’ says Anderson & Sheppard MD Colin Heywood.



‘When we were approached to make the jacket for Dugdale’s 125 year celebration, showcasing their commemorative tweed, we were extremely thrilled and honoured to participate. This collaboration just cements the special bond our two companies share.’

Dugdale chairman Robert Charnock is equally delighted with the collaboration, stating ‘both ourselves and Anderson & Sheppard have a long and rich history in the tailoring world, but we are also forward thinking brands that continue to evolve with the times. Our heritage is important, and we want to celebrate that, but we also want to celebrate who we are right now and we have our sights set on another 125 years of bringing exceptional cloth to the world.’

The Anderson & Sheppard x Dugdale 125 Year Jacket will be on display at The Service, 23 Savile Row until the end of July.

To find out more about Dugdale Handwoven, email enquiries@dugdalebrosandco.com or speak to your Dugdale representative.