Brexit Update

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to send a quick update and outline the current impact of the new trade deal. Whilst this update is accurate at the moment, it is still an evolving situation and there may be further developments. In addition, we are actively exploring ways to minimise any negative impact that you may be experiencing.

As of 31st December 2020, Customs Declarations will be required for any shipments to the EU from UK. This also means that VAT at the local rate is now payable on all shipments in order for the goods to clear customs.

Our courier DHL will handle the processing of this fee, but you will be required to pay DHL the VAT and a small disbursement fee in order for them to release deliveries to you. This fee varies from country to country; please click here to view the attached “EU Disbursement Fees” for full details in your region. Please note that you will be able to claim the VAT element back from your local authority when submitting your tax returns.

Under the new trade agreement any product not of preferential origin (made in the UK or EU) will be subject to duty charges. As all of our cloths are made in the UK, duties will only be charged to a small number of our products in our trimming department.

Finally, we are now required to supply the EORI Code (Importers ID) of the company we are shipping to, so can we please also kindly ask that you provide the EORI Code for yourself or the party you are shipping to in order to help us avoid delays when shipping.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience whilst we work continue to adapt to these changes.

Yours sincerely,

Dugdale Bros & Co.