A Tale of Sustainability with Huntsman and Dugdale Bros & Co.
Our Chairman Rob Charnock recognises that the fashion industry is changing, with consumers demanding transparency over the ethical and environmental impact of their clothing. 

We’re proud to be able to say that throughout our rich 125 year history, our passion for cloth has never wavered. We have always valued quality above all else, producing premium cloth which is a pleasure to work with and a joy to wear.  

Ecology, the latest collection from our Modern Heritage range, has been curated with sustainability at its heart. Using a blend of fleece from Jacobs and Black Welsh Mountain breeds, we have produced an undyed, pure new wool cloth which is 100% British, naturally scoured, spun, woven and finished in Huddersfield.

We had the pleasure of visiting Huntsman to observe the artistry of Campbell Carey, Creative Director, first hand. This overcoat, made from Ecology, will be passed from generation to generation. A true statement of sustainability.

The Ecology Collection
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We also had the joy of meeting Huddersfield’s own Freni Perry, Undercutter at Huntsman, who spoke about her passion for tailoring and quality cloth. 

Royal Classic Vantage is a collection true to our Yorkshire heritage, in weight, durability and character. 

Consisting of 90 iconic patterns, this collection celebrates individuality and style. Drawing inspiration from the 1957 archives, these timeless designs are the making of a suit for life.

Something for the wardrobe that will last a lifetime

Royal Classic Vantage
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