A Chapter in the History of Dugdale Bros: Pricing and press through the decades

It’s no secret that Dugdale Bros & Co is steeped in a rich textile heritage – that we’re very proud of, and such a detailed history is naturally accompanied by an assortment of nostalgic mementoes and stories to reflect upon.

We have been stationed in the iconic clothmaking town of Huddersfield since 1896, so it’s no wonder that we keep stumbling upon trinkets, products and documents from times and eras gone by.

In this latest episode of unearthing treasures at Dugdale HQ, our recent discoveries come in the shape of wartime pricelists – dating back to 1939 and 1940 – and a collection of magazine adverts from the early 1920s and late 1930s.

Priceless price lists

Despite their age, these 79-year-old pricing booklets still very much echo the values and motivations behind today’s Dugdale Bros brand – those of inimitable quality, impeccable service and truly bespoke cloths. Yet, while back in the 1930s Dugdale Bros was perhaps best known for its value and budget tailoring services, over the years we have shifted our focus towards providing exceptionally high-quality fabrics, where time and dedication are woven into every collection.

Against a backdrop of turmoil, the spring and summer pricelist of 1940 details how the wartime conditions were having a cumbersome effect on our bunch issuing services. However, despite the difficult circumstances, we were able to continue with our sartorial endeavours and provide an exceptional service to the ladies and gentlemen of this tumultuous epoch.

Distinctly labelled “the ideal house for all tailors’ and costumers’ requisites” on each of the booklets, our reliable, industry-acclaimed status is conveyed within these vintage documents and is something we’re proud to have upheld throughout the decades.

Vintage press adverts

With our premium cloth collections – favoured by tailors and designers around the world – we have had our fair share of press coverage over the years, and to this day we love showcasing the work we do. Whether creating new collections to reflect the latest tailoring trends or featuring in Savile Row tailors’ seasonal campaigns, everything we do is borne from our passion for providing well-made, durable cloths to dressmaking professionals across the globe.

One of the most widely-known publications for tailors in the 19th and 20th centuries, Tailor & Cutter was a magazine wholly dedicated to the trade. First published in 1866, the magazine featured articles about the latest menswear styles and advertisements from celebrated cloth merchants and served as the go-to title for sartorial inspiration.

Our adverts featured in many issues of the magazine, and in the deepest depths of our office we found some copies dating from 1921 to 1937. From those pictured, we have featured content about our White Rose Bunches, ladies’ coatings for the winter months and the Westminster and Mersey serges – to name only a few.

Over the years, our Northumberland Street home has proven to be a real treasure trove of artefacts from our past and we never get tired of exploring all the tailoring legacies we happen across.

Stay tuned for the next instalment…

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