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Prince of Wales / Glen Check

A collection of our Prince of Wales Overchecks and Glen Checks in a variety of colours, weights and textures.

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A collection of our striped fabrics including pin stripe, chalk stripe, and self-stripe in a variety of colours, weights and textures.

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A collection of our checked, tweed, and tartan/plaid fabrics, across our extensive range of collections.

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Plain Wool

A collection of our beautiful non-patterned woollen fabrics, in a variety of colours and compositions which let quality shine through.

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Pin Head & Nail Head

A collection of all our pin head, nail head fabrics. A nice alternative to stripes or solids to give a different texture and finish.

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Puppytooth Dogtooth Houndstooth

A collection of our puppytooth ,dogtooth and houndstooth fabrics. This traditional duo-tone pattern is perfect for coats and sporting jackets.

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A collection our herringbone fabrics. This subtle and timeless pattern is versatile enough to create both sporty and sophisticated looks.

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Our birdseye fabric delivers a solid finish, which works for almost any occasion, containing a subtle detail making it a nice alternative to plain.

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Pick & Pick (Sharkskin)

A collection of all our Pick & Pick (Sharkskin) fabrics. This is a simple yet sophisticated fabric which delivers stunning effects.

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Polka Dot

Polka Dot patterns are ever popular, and give great variety in their colour combinations. Take a look at our extensive range...

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Our paisley cloths provide a timeless elegance. This beautiful pattern delivers timeless elegance, and can be both contemporary and traditional.

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A collection of our beautiful cottons in an array of vibrant and muted shades.

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A collection of our beautiful barley-corn twisted linens.

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