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Our 22 strong collection of cloths offer a suit for every occasion, every season.

Ranging from lightweight Cascade collection for summer evenings, to the new Merchant Fleece collection in a traditional winter palette, we’ve got you covered all-year-round.

Autumn & Winter
Spring & Summer
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Choose from our comprehensive collection of styles, including our most popular Formalwear, Royal Classic Vantage, English Town and Classic. With 16 pattern variants to choose from your bound to find your perfect pairing.

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Dugdale adapt traditional techniques to produce materials of varying weights, to suit any season.
Lightweight fabrics range from 255 grams, Middleweight from 310 grams and Heavyweight upwards of 400 grams.

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Our collections comprise of an assortment of fabrics, from carefully nurtured wool and cotton to the most premium silk and linen.

Wool | Linen | Mohair | Silk | Cotton | Lambswool

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Ever evolving to produce new fabrics, we have a cloth for every walk of life.

Whether a high premium for the frequent traveller, or a breathable linen for summer, style over substance is a thing of the past.

Suiting | Jacketing | Trousers | Outerwear | Formal Dress | Raincoat | Travel Suiting | Summer Suiting | Winter Suiting