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These blankets have been fashioned in classic patterns from our Ecology collection, the Modern Heritage range with sustainability at it’s heart.

Free from artificial dyes and harmful scouring agents, this collection preserves the elements and colourings of the wool, leaving natural shade variations between batches.

Made in Huddersfield
Bunch 168
100% Pure New Wool
18 oz - 510 gms
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Presenting a range of neutral tones in timeless styles, the Ecology blanket is an ideal accessory for numerous modern day uses.

Wrap up on a chilly Autumn evening, host a summer picnic or bring true British style into your home by using your blanket as a throw – an idyllic accompaniment for fashionably muted interior design.

Blanket I Throw
Check | Dogtooth | Herringbone | Nail Head | Overcheck | Prince of Wales
4 Browns | 14 Greys | 2 Naturals
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Lovingly preserved, made to last...
Naturally sustainable

The Ecology collection has been curated with sustainability at it’s heart. We do not use any artificial dyes, or harmful scouring agents. Without dye, each yarn is bleneded from the natual colours of the wool itself, meaning that colours and shades vary slightly from batch to batch, making each piece unique. Furthermore, this collection uses 100% British wool, which is spun using methods which are centuries old, and then woven and finished all within a ten mile radius of Huddersfield to minimise it’s carbon footprint.

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