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The Ledger

Dugdale Towers is full of many unknown surprises which is largely due to the fact there is over 120 years of company history within its walls. Recently we have come across some exciting findings including an old ledger containing Dugdale memorabilia dating back to the 1920s.

The first entry in the ledger, amazingly, dates back to 1st January 1929, it reads:

It is most important,

That every Bunch should be put to good use in order that we may maintain the high standard of value we offer, and if any of the Bunches are not suitable to your trade kindly return and we will refund cost of postage on receipt.

Your kind attention to this will greatly oblige.

Dugdale Bros & Co., Ltd.

At least one thing is for certain: despite over a century passing since this addition to the ledger was created, Dugdale has remained wholly committed to providing the best quality cloth possible to our suppliers and we have kept that at the heart of our ethos.

Other entries in the ledger include price lists that date all the way up to 1974. It is also home to many advertisements from across Dugdales' long history. This gives us a fascinating insight into the different ways our cloth has been made into a variety of garment styles over the years. The ledger also contains a collection of letters that have been sent both to and from Dugdale Bros., again, giving us a unique insight into how trading has changed since the company began - it is truly a fascinating read. 

The ledger is home to many beautiful illustrations and we will be sharing these on social media over the coming weeks. There are many more compelling insights into history to be found within Dugdale Towers, stay tuned to our blog for more updates.

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