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Duggie the sheep: one year on

When you look at the quality of our cloths – and the prestigious tailors and couturiers we supply them to – it’s easy to imagine that the whole process from start to finish is as glamorous as the bespoke suits they become.

But the truth is, a great deal of hard work and grit goes into the early stages. Tracing a Savile Row creation back to its origins will take you far from the sophisticated streets of London and into a field filled with sheep – most likely knee-deep in mud!

Last year, we took this journey a stage further and adopted a lamb from Cannon Hall Farm.

Located in Cawthorne, not far from our Huddersfield home, the open farm is home to a host of different animals and is a popular location for both family days out and educational trips.

By adopting Duggie the sheep, we hoped to forge an even greater connection with our roots and highlight the unsung importance of farming for the whole fashion and textiles industry.

While perhaps not swathed in the same refinement as the latter stages of clothes manufacturing and distribution, humble origins like these in the fields of Yorkshire are precisely what makes the elegant end products possible.

And, just like in the skilful cut of a tailored jacket, or the final adornment of premium quality buttons, copious amounts of care and attention are put into farming sheep. So it’s this – along with the incomparable input of the animals themselves – that we are eager to celebrate.

We visited Duggie during Cannon Hall Farm’s annual sheep shearing festival last year, and made a short film about farming. Now, a year on, the event is due to take place again soon – and we’re hoping to catch her next haircut in action!

You can watch the video below – and if you’re going to this year’s event from 27th May to 4th June, why not tag us in your posts? We might even see you there.


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