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Dugdale's New Tartan Bunch

Tartan is a design of fabric consisting of a chequered print of different colours and has been manufactured for many centuries. At first, the fabric was worn by the different warring factions in Scotland, and still to this day many Scottish people can use their surnames to find out which tartan print their 'clan' would be associated with.

Over time the fabric's use has developed from being purely for men's kilts to a more diverse range of uses including suits, to skirts and trousers. Following Tartan's resurgence to fashion in recent decades, which owes a great debt to the designs of Vivienne Westwood, we thought it was about time that Dugdale Bros released a sizable tartan bunch.

As with all our fabrics, the Tartan is manufactured here in Britain in local factories. The process of creating tartan is a fairly complicated one, with the yarn being spun in white and then dyed the particular colours required for the design. A lot of accuracy is required to make sure all the colours are woven together in the right order before they are pressed into their finished form ready for sale.

With over 90 new unique designs included in the new bunch, ranging from traditional tartan designs to quirkier colour combinations, the new collection of lightweight tartans is something we're very excited about here at Dugdale Bros. The new 11oz fabric is suitable for all tailoring purposes, but true to the tradition of tartan, it can also be used for kilts.

See below a selection of just a few of the designs released in this wonderful and diverse bunch:


Stewart Royal Miniature is the kind of traditional design that many of us would immediately think of when tartan is mentioned. As well as being a pattern that would be perfect for a kilt, it is a popular and versatile design that can be used for almost all tailoring purposes.

MacDonald Lord of the Isles: A more understated tartan design using different shades of green, MacDonald Lord of the Isles makes this pattern ideal for a smart blazer or dinner jacket.

Anderson Blue infuses cyan, red and yellow to create a cool combination that catches the eye immediately, the use of red and yellow harks back to more common tartan designs, however the use of the blue and green tones creates a unique twist.

MacLeod Dress is a quirkier pattern design that is almost reminiscent of a bee. This would be the ideal choice for some statement trousers for both casual and formal wear.

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